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Breakwater · 2018

A conflict entangled within the essence of what it means to be human: the pursuit of something inherently unattainable. For as long as she can remember, Sofia has been part of a radical personality cult that forces her to live, feel and think in a certain way. The monochrome and spatially restricted reality she inhabits prevents her from seeing what is just beyond her field of experience. Breakwater examines the necessary conditions for our protagonist to question what she has taken for granted.

The material focuses on the 24 hours that will change her forever. She understands what it means to want and what it will take to materialize her desires. The confrontation with her conditioning leaves her at the edge of reality, just one step away from true freedom, but is a newly discovered self enough to break away?

Sofia: Myra Eetgerink
Jakob: Quatis Tarkington
Martin: Ulf Lehner
Rector: J. David Hinze

Director: Daniel Strauss
Producer: William Trautmann
Director of Photography: Elias C. J. Koehler
Editor: Florian Eisner
Composer: Frank Rudert
Sound Design: Moritz Monorfalvi
Sound Recordist: Stefan Matussek
Assistant Camera: Joachim Neumann
Makeup Artist: Nuria De Lario
Production Assistant: Katharina Zull
Production Assistant: Thalia Budin

Breakwater Poster